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About Borghese Wines

We make certain to staying ken and to ensure that the most exciting selections of the wines are available to our costumers.


Our History


When people ask how we got started in the wine business, my answer is, ‘Well, back home in Asti Piedmont Italy we were raised by making the wine at home, and drinking it!’

…but, as true as that part is, the rest of my story began in this way…


My passion about the wine has been from when I was little kid. I was always around with my both grandfathers, when they were making wine at the house back from the old country in Asti Piedmont Italy.

…at some point 20 years ago I took a trip to New York City and I loved it, and I decided to stay. But after four month I was invited from one of my cousins in Cleveland Ohio which I did established in.

…nearly eight years ago, while I was deeply immersed in Law School studding and working in Real Estate business I was thinking many different options in life.


Meanwhile, one night I was drinking a glass of wine and thinking about my roots, and I instantly enchanted by the stunning idea of starting to write new chapter in my life.

…that was it… Importing and Distributing wine in the beautiful Ohio and greater Cleveland area.






Our Expertise


Borghese utilizes specialized resources in all of our markets to help our customers and suppliers build their business.





Our Commitment


Our commitment is to brand building, by representing the entire State of OHIO,  and service minded leadership conveying in the many value added services that we provide to our customers and suppliers.

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